New flyer in the Stittsville area!

I’ve been heading door to door passing out flyers looking to expand my local clientel.  If you are checking out due to one of these flyers, welcome!  Don’t forget you get $20 off your service call if you show me the flyer.  Lost yours and want to print another one off?  Oh I guess that’s ok.  door to door

Now offering small business internet presence solutions!

Today we’ve rolled out our small business internet presence solution, lovingly known here at Teknowledge as S-BIPS!  Many internet users are still using @gmail, @aol, @yahoo, or even their ISP email for their business email accounts.  This is not a professional look and it can be easily fixed with the Teknowledge S-BIPS!  Built on the Google framework, S-BIPS will allow Teknowledge to register a domain apropos to your business, create email accounts for all employees, set up email accounts and even register a wordpress account to help get you started with your website!    Please see our services page  for pricing details and contact me at for an appointment!